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  • Weekly Lesson Plan
  • Weekly Lesson Plan Report
  • Scheme of Work
  • Lesson Rescheduling
  • Assignment Note
  • Homework
  • Students Observation form
  • And an Online Attendance Module,.


  • Online Leave application & approval for students.
  • View mark list of all exams online.
  • Apply Transfer Certificate online.
  • Student registration by online. Students provide all details.
  • Fees payment through online payment gateway using Credit Cards, Debit Cards etc.
  • Student Disciplinary tracking by teachers.


Expectations of today's Parents from the Education Institution and their wards run High, Keeping the same in Mind.
  • We at EMSPLUS have concentrated on the expectations of the parent's Aspirations for the Ambitions of their wards.
  • Parents who have no time to visit the school but are very much concerned about their child's studies would like to collaborate with the teachers get through the details at a few clicks.
  • Logging into their account, parents can view reports on attendance of their child, performance at studies or in co-curricular activities etc. They can take a look at the timetable, schedule of the week, reports on tests, exams etc.

School Admin

Administration Module

Administration Module a very comprehensive model in its totality.
From the Admission of the Student to the Institution this Module will handle all the details for all the students till their graduation.

Key Features & Benefits
  • All Contact Information Is Easily Accessible by the concerned authority.
  • Allow (Admin/Clerk) User To Generate Students Details Based On Semester, Branch (Discipline), Address And Co-Curriculum Activity.
  • Allow Authenticated Users (Excluding Students) To Generate Reports Like: Personal Info, Academic Info And Other Details Like Examination, Co-Curriculum Activities, And Extra Activities.
  • Medical Profile, Multiple Personal Contacts And Past Academic Information Are Entered And Instantly Available For Administrators And Parents.
  • Disciplinary Incidents Are Tracked And Notifications Can Be Sent Immediately To Parents. Parents, Students And Staff Can Easily Access Students Program Courses, Activities, Grades, Attendance, Rank And All Other Information.
  • Provides Option To Mail Or Email Disciplinary Notification To Parents.
  • Select A Group Of Students By Course Or Grade.
  • Allows For User Defined Disciplinary Rules, Results, Penalties, Types And Letters.
  • Track Date of Infraction, Disciplinary Contact Initiator, Level Of Participation, Rules Violated And Details On Disciplinary Action Taken.
  • Keep Track Of Disciplinary Issues On An Individual And Team Basis.
  • Attendance Monitoring Staff Checks Your Query Of Faculty Who Have (Or Have Not) Submitted Period Attendance Etc.
  • Roll List - Admission Register, Attendance Sheet, Transfer Certificate, Clearance And Other Certificates.


Core Modules
  • Admission Module
  • Fees / Fine Management
  • Student Module
  • Staff Module
  • Parent Module
  • Admin Module
  • Inventory
  • Library
  • Student / Staff Attendance
Pro Module
  • Academic Administration
  • Access and Privilege Management
  • Scholarship Management
  • Examination
  • Assessment & Grading
  • Hostel / Mess Management
  • Transportation
  • MIS
  • Accounts

  • Pre-HR Process
  • HR
  • CRM
  • Alert System
  • Mobile App

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  • Everything You Want To Know on A Single Page
  • Get up to date information about your institution in real time
  • Online Admission vs Enquiry
  • Income vs Expense across Campus
  • Daily Attendance of Students/Employees
  • Student Statistics

Grades and Attendance

The Most Challenging task for the Teacher and the educational Institution is Grading and Compiling report cards and transcripts. EMSPLUS has addressed the task with a Module of Assessment and Grading, which saves a Number of Man-hours the teachers spend.

  • Making it a Paperless and a Green Environment.
  • Teachers can update Attendance and Grades, Similar to the age old traditional Paper based Reports.
  • Information for Staff, Parents and Students is displayed in easy to understand Graphical or Tabular Charts.
  • Parents also have the added advantage of receiving the Childs attendance , and Grades in real time on their Mobile Phone.
  • Students and Parents can access the Grade Scores and evaluate their Progress.
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Lesson Timetable

  • An Automated Lesson Scheduling and Planning the time table, by entering certain parameters of Teachers Classes, Classroom, Lesson periods
  • The Timetable is based on the parameters keyed in for generating automatically
  • The Timetable can be accessed by teachers, parents and Students from their respective Modules
  • Also Keeping the Parent in the loop for the their wards Daily Lesson Plan


  • To encourage the collaboration of Teachers and Parents, Home work /Assignment Module has been designed that this Module can accessed by the parent to assist their wards in Managing their Homework or Assignment, by completing the same by the deadline Specified.
  • Giving a Student a structured plan for his weekly lessons.
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Enhancing the Learning Experience

  • The Lesson Schedule Model has the flexibility to load learning materials in various formats, Documents, Images, Tables.
  • Students can also upload their homework similarly, for the teacher to review.

Online Exam

  • With the Onus being on the Institution, for the Students to excel and be Competitive in their careers.
  • EMSPLUS recognizes the effort, and has Precisely designed to complement the effort, a EMSPLUS online exam module which assists the teachers to be on par with the global standards.
  • EMSPLUS on line exam is a state of the art plug and play, which facilitates the education process, for the school or university to develop and customize their online exam module.
  • Thus enabling the students to take part as scheduled.
  • Students Login with their individual Login credentials.
  • The concerned Teacher/Professor schedules a Subject and exam date for group or class.
  • EMSPLUS online exam has the functionality to configure Multiple choice questions as well as descriptive type of questions, including the Answers.
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Technology in Education and the Essential tool LMS

  • Education is constantly evolving and education institutions need to be on par with global changes, in providing students with quality educations experience.
  • EMSPLUS now has incorporated LMS to give you the future of education, with gives Institutions an edge and the students to experience the modern techniques of learning.
  • The students inculcate the habit of self-learning and also sharing knowledge across the society.
  • EMSPLUS LMS module is totally interactive where teachers will be able to connect to students online. This can be embedded on to the school website which can be an integral part.

Library Management

  • A library management system, also known as an automated library system is software that has been developed to handle basic housekeeping functions of a library.
  • It's a well-organized software solution for a library.
  • It help to provide information on any book present in library to the user as well as staff member.
  • It keeps a track of book issued, returned and added to library.
  • With the growing Popularity of EBooks.
  • EMSPLUS has the Capability to have the same Incorporated within the System.
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Mobile App the "New Genie in Education"

  • Mobile Apps provide attendance and hallway monitoring for most major mobile devices.
  • This versatile mobile app allows you to take attendance, collect discipline data, issue summons and securely identify students.
  • The app eliminates the need of manual process of attendance marking.
  • EMSPLUS Also supports NFC mobile devices (near field communication).
  • It's now easy to take attendance or manage students in any environment, both within and outside the campus.
  • Management can keep a track on students daily attendance in relation to its total strength.
  • Management is able to compare the performances of teachers and students.
  • Mobile apps are also developed for parent to see the child's academic performance.
  • Students Can be given assignments and home work through this app.

Grades and Assessment

The Most Challenging task for the Teacher and the educational Institution is Grading and Compiling report cards and transcripts. EMSPLUS has addressed the task with a Module of Assessment and Grading, which saves a Number of Man-hours the teachers spends.
  • Students and Parents can access , and saves printing costs and administrative overhead.
  • Talk to us about how custom fields and custom reports can fulfil your exact needs.
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Now a Web based Software to Manage Your Tuition Centres Available on SAAS (Software as a Service) Model.

EMSPLUS make it easy to Manage your Institution from anywhere in the World.
  • Everything You Want to Know on A Single Page.
  • Get up to date information about your institution in real time.
  • Online Admission Vs Enquiry.
  • Income vs Expense across Campus.
  • Daily Attendance of Students/Employees.
  • Student Statistics.

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